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Adrien Victor Sauvage (born 30 May 1983) is a British fashion designer, director and photographer of Nigerian descent. The story begins with his Great-great-grandfather In 1791, William Henry Savage, Born in England to an African father and an English Mother. Wm Savage had an considerable experience as a practicing lawyer in the court of mixed commissions, and an equally considerable familiarity with prejudice in the colonial establishment acting as Kings advocate of Sierra Leone. This is a story of adventure and application that provides the foundations for the House, one which continues to inspire and inform the designer in its engagement with classicism across shared Western and African sensibilities.

Sauvage’s first collection, ‘This Is Not A Suit’ (Collection 000-1 to 000–11), featured a capsule collection of contemporary tailoring. Each of the eleven pieces was based on tailoring archetypes, adapted to create an A. Sauvage signature silhouette. They adhered to the confines of traditional tailoring, yet reimagined so slimmed and simplified shapes gently subverted subtle elements such as cut and fabric–even fastenings. The collection received critical acclaim, with Sauvage described as “an unusual multi-talent”, and The Observer newspaper declaring, “This is not a suit; it’s a way of life”.

Sauvage’s designs are heavily influenced by his Ghanaian background. A Ghanaian woven silk Kente was introduced in Autumn/Winter 2012, for example, while the Spring/Summer 2013 collection features an Asafo print based upon the flags of the Ghanaian Fante people, a local fishing community on the Cape Coast.

With these new classics established, the House, subsequent A. Sauvage collections have been more playful, exploring new references and product groups and incorporating different materials and techniques. The A. Sauvage ‘Menswear for Women’ line, which adapts seasonally appropriated menswear models to the female body is the embodiment of the growth of both the designer and the House.

Gabriel Hughson Sauvage – Edinburgh, Scotland 1891